What’s new in 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 CE
July 2017 update
Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 9 is coming.  Although it is officially a minor release, it brings new functionality and a number of deprecated features that should be planned for, if they are not to cause you problems or take your users by surprise.

New trials for the last few months have been v9.

As of late December 2017, updates to existing users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online are expected to happen between February and August 2018.  Clients who have not upgraded from 8.0 or 8.1 to 8.2 will have a mandatory update to v9.0
This highly illustrated, free ebook shows you the new features that you may choose to give your users new or improved functionality and the deprecated features that you should plan to remove over the next few months.
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